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Nov 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
sense. and mark zuckerberg like steve jobs, like jeff bee soz, like the google guys is someone who believes in investing in the future. >> rose: they're also founders who are still running the companies they founded. >> and one of the questions is is the founder always the best person to run a company? steve jobs was not and he was replaced and then he came back. he was a very different c.e.o. when he came back, much more able. but the google guys had to bring in eric smith and mark zuckerberg had to bring in sheryl sandberg and that's a very normal thing that happens in these companies. the founders have to -- sometimes they have division t vision, the passion, the brilliance but they don't have the managerial skills. >> rose: what happened in the i.p.o.? >> i think they let it get out ahead of them. i think they were too bullish, too optimistic about how well it was going to go and let wall street persuade them that, oh, we can do it at this price and they couldn't. and people say -- and then there were glitches in the way -- >> rose: but no one doubt it is leadership of zuckerbe
Nov 20, 2012 10:00pm PST
connecticut which is run by billionaire steve cohen gathered inside information about an alzheimers cli.$kal drug trial that was being conducted. based on that information he built a position of $700 million in the two drug companies that were running the trial. through his connections with a neurologist at the university of michigan, he gathered inside information about the progress of that clinical drug trial first building the position in the stk whene thought the trial was going well and then when he affirmatively learned it was not going so well he had the sell all of its shares and stock options. gained or avoided losses of $276 million. >> what do we know about this firm and this individual? some of his employees have been in the cross hairsÑi before. >> cohen had one of the best track records on wall street in terms of running his hedge fund. he's had returns eraging 30% a year since 1992. he personally is worth about $8 billion. six of his employees have been criminally charged in the last three years in the wall street crackdown on insider trading by u.s. attorney ferreira. that's
Nov 21, 2012 5:00pm PST
. media, he may have fallen out with the current ceo steve balmer and other executives. microsoft is using its pc-based expertise to help it succeed in the computer market. but the challenges it faces are considerable. the focus in the coming months will be on increasingly fierce competition with its main rival, apple. rosa sobrino, nhk world, new york. >>> that is all for business at this hour. i'll leave you with a check on regional markets. >>> diplomats from the world's leading powers say they're ready to start talking again about iran's nuclear program. catherine ashton met in brussels with members of the u.n. security council and germany. negotiators suspended the so-called six-party talks on iran's nuclear program in june. ashton and her counterparts issued a statement after their meeting. they confirmed they would start negotiations with the eiranians as soon as possible. they're demanding iranian leaders halt their nuclear program. scientists have enriched uranium to 20% purity. beyond that level they can quickly develop uranium to weapons grade. iranians want other negotiators to
Nov 28, 2012 4:30pm PST
insider trading schemes. s.a.c.'s billionaire founder, steve cohen, told clients he is confident that he "acted appropriately." well, another big company today authorizing a special dividend in anticipation of higher taxes next year. now it's costco jumping on the dividend bandwagon as a way to beat some of the impact of the fiscal cliff fallout. the wholesale club operator announced a special dividend of $7 a share to investors. it will cost the fi an estimated $3 billion. >> susie: tom, investors like the news. cosco's shares rose more than 6%, or $6, and a gain of of%. >> tom: we've seen a list of companies providing these special dividends, and we'll have more reporting on that tomorrow. today, meantime, in our market focus, some encouragement from capitol hill in the white house over avoiding the fiscal cliff. and the major stock indices head higher. the s&p 500 began the session by moving lower, hitting its lowest level of the day in the first hour. it moved into the green for the session the same hour president obama said they may have a fiscal cliff deal by christmas. the inde
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4